How to get an ‘A’: A guide to ‘The A’ menu

You might be wondering why anyone would bother ordering from a restaurant with the words “The A” and “Foodie” on the menu.

After all, the “A” is the one that means “All the Good Stuff.”

That’s because the restaurant is a home-cooked foodie’s paradise.

It has an extensive list of dishes from all of the popular chains and restaurants, including famous local favorites like the Chicken Caesar Salad, the French Fries and the French Toast, the Beef Bourguignon and the Pork Chops.

The restaurant also has a full-service bar, including a bar called the “Bar with a Bouncer,” where customers can order their favorite drink or appetizer, like the Bloody Mary or the “Hot Dog,” and a “Fancy” burger with a side of fries.

The menu is also stocked with items that are often considered classics, like burgers, pizzas and soups, and a large selection of wines.

The “A,” as the restaurant’s name suggests, is a favorite of all foodies.

It’s where the food is cooked, the service is great and the staff is friendly.

But, as you might expect, the food can be a little pricey at times.

The restaurant also serves a wide range of drinks and has a bar, so you can have a drink at home and get it when you’re out.

You can also buy a “gourmet” wine from the menu and enjoy a cocktail or beer when you get home.

The “A’s” is located at 910 S. Main St., Fort Worth.

For more information on “The Bar with a Beverage,” visit

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