How to choose an art brush to protect your images

A new art brush called the “Dark Art” comes with a special coating designed to keep your art from getting too dark.

The brush is available for purchase through Art Brush Covers.

The company claims the coating, which comes in two colors, is the “first of its kind in the market.”

The company has also created a Kickstarter campaign for the brush.

Ars Technic describes the Dark Art brush as having an “extensively engineered brush construction,” with the coatings being “fully water-resistant, water-repellent, and water resistant against direct sunlight.”

The Dark Art bristles feature a “light-colored base” and are made of polyester and titanium.

The product is priced at $79.99, with shipping included in the pledge amount.

Art Brush has a history of creating art brushes that are affordable and have been popular in the past.

Last year, the company made a $50,000 Kickstarter to produce a “high-end” black paint brush.

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