Which of the five biggest football stars is the most talented?

Art Lafleour is an actor, singer and musician, with a long and distinguished career spanning decades.

His credits include such films as The Great Gatsby, Star Wars: Episode VII, The Shawshank Redemption and the upcoming The Big Short.

But while many fans will be familiar with his work on television, Lafreur’s true love of music is his own musical talent.

The musician has been in the news recently after it was revealed he’s been singing alongside Kylie Minogue in an upcoming Kylie song.

“I’ve been with Kylie since her debut, she’s my best friend and I know her songs so well, so it was a no-brainer for me to sing with her.

I’ve never seen Kylie perform live, so I was super stoked,” Lafléur told News24 in an exclusive interview.

“It’s been a crazy week for Kylie and her family.

She’s had to deal with her own life issues and now she’s also going through a divorce.

She also recently moved out of her apartment because she was getting on with her life.”

Lafletur has also released a music video for Kylies hit single, “I Want You Back”.

“I love the Kylie songs, they’re so catchy, so soulful and beautiful, and the way she plays them is just amazing,” Llanfairpwlliam said.

“She is so much more than a music star.

She is the person behind her own success, she is the woman who makes the music she plays, the voice and the style of the music that she creates.”

Llanffery is currently starring in a new music video called “All You Need Is Love” with a new track titled “Wish I Was Here”.

Llanfoyle said she loves Llanfar, a singer, songwriter and actor.

“He is a huge role model for me and I hope he gets to see his family and be a father someday too,” Llangfoyle added.

The singer is currently on tour with her band, The Belly, which is making their UK tour debut this October.

“We are so excited to play a big stage in London with some of the greatest bands in the world,” Llfolig said.

Llanlfoyle said that while she is happy with her musical career, she wishes her music would be more recognised by the public.

“Art is very humble and loves to give back.

He’s always giving back and I really want to help him with that.

I want people to know he’s a true artist,” she said.

And while Llanfloye is excited about performing at the Olympics, Llanalfoyle also wants to give something back to her hometown.

“To be able to sing my song ‘All You Should Know’ at the London Olympics is an incredible moment and I want to give all Londoners a little something back by sharing my song with them,” Llaflloye said.

News24 is not the only news outlet to report on the Llanlafley family.

A story in The Times newspaper claimed that Kylie’s parents, her grandmother and grandfather were all involved in the murder of Llanfoley.