When Africa’s art was born: The birth of African art

African art is alive and well.

The African art that we see today is an expression of the African spirit.

It’s a place where people come together and make something out of the earth.

This spirit, this passion for art, is what Africa is all about.

I think Africa is the place where African artists started.

They brought art from the distant past, bringing art from Africa, from the Caribbean, and bringing it back to Africa.

This is what we see.

So what’s the big story behind African art?

The story is actually the same story that you hear about all of Africa, of art and African history.

The story goes that African art was invented because Africa was the birthplace of art.

You know, the ancient Egyptians, the Aztecs, the Maya and Azteks and all these other great artists came to Africa to find art.

In fact, the only people who actually have that art in their home countries are the people who come to the African continent to make money.

So it was actually the birthplace and the cradle of the art form, African art.

But the truth is that it really started with one person, the great sculptor, who was born in the Congo in 1823.

The Congo was the first place where Africans had access to tools and to the ocean.

It was a place that had a very rich culture and a very deep cultural history.

This was before the advent of Europeans and before European colonialism.

In the 18th century, African countries, particularly the Congo, were being colonized by Europeans.

This colonizer wanted to get at their culture and they wanted to find some sort of art, and the great artist was the best man for the job.

He was able to produce a masterpiece that had the effect of bringing Africa back to the frontiers of European civilization.

When he died, he left behind a wealth of work that would go on to form the foundation of the modern African art form.

He produced a huge quantity of work.

He created a huge number of works, from hand painted works of wood to oil paintings.

He also created the first great sculpture, which is the African Elephant, and he had an immense artistic talent.

His works are considered the first works of art in Africa.

The reason he had this talent was because he had access not only to tools but also to the oceans, to the land and to nature.

He had access, and there’s no doubt, to a great amount of talent.

And so, in the beginning, he created works that are considered to be some of the greatest works of African painting.

But in the first century, when Europeans came, they were interested in the arts, and they sought to take over the African culture.

They wanted to control this region of Africa and to make it an empire.

So the great artists and great artists in the African art tradition that are now in our art history are not European, but they were Europeans who were interested.

They were trying to control the region of African society and the art.

They used art and they also used their own art to express their political ideas and their cultural values.

And this is what is so fascinating about African art, which was the basis of the European colonialism, and it’s still the basis today.

And the reason is that in order to control African culture, they created their own artists.

The great artists are not Europeans.

They are African.

They created art that is based on the African traditions, which were not European.

They took these traditions and put them in a European context.

The first great artists were African.

It is the same way that we have the world today.

It takes centuries to develop a great art form from the African perspective, and we have these great artists who are African who are doing that.

The question is, what are the great African artists today?

Well, it’s the question of how we will get the future generations to appreciate the greatness of these great African artist.

What is the story of African artists?

The great African art story is that of the creation of African culture and the transformation of African history from a history of conquest and exploitation to one of peace and love.

The fact is that the people that came to the Congo to make their fortunes and the people from the Congo were the first people to discover and to create art.

Art was born and it is what the people of the Congo had been looking for.

The art is not a result of any political agenda or any economic interest, but it is a product of a deep love for art and a profound love for their country.

And, the art is still in our culture today, in our history, because it was created in the context of the struggle for independence from the Portuguese.

The Portuguese were in control of the country and the Portuguese were the masters of Africa.

They had the power of the world.

They controlled Africa.

And they created art.

And when they came to this land of Africa in the 16th century and created