When Seattle’s art museum gets a new look: ‘This is a city that loves art’

Art in Seattle is in a different era.

For decades, the city was home to a large collection of art, but in the last few decades, many museums have been moving to smaller spaces.

Now, the Seattle Art Museum is planning to open an entire building out of pieces donated by local artists.

“The idea is to bring a fresh, contemporary perspective to our museum,” says Liz Condon, a senior curator in the museum’s collections.

“It’s a museum that doesn’t really focus on art from the 19th century.

The emphasis is now on new art.”

Condon and her team are in the process of getting the new Seattle Art Gallery, located in the former Sears building, up and running.

The building, which was built in 1900, is now home to the museum.

The building is currently home to art galleries, but is being converted into a museum.

The new Seattle building will house a collection of original artwork from the Seattle area.

“It’s not really a museum, but it’s going to be a great place to exhibit our art,” Condon says.

“We want to bring in a fresh approach to the collection.”

The Seattle Art Library is one of the oldest art libraries in the United States, but its collection is aging and is nearing the end of its life.

Condon hopes the new museum will help keep the collection going and give people an opportunity to see more contemporary art.

“We are excited to be bringing together these works of art that have been lost,” she says.

The museum is also planning to start offering classes in the art of Seattle’s history.

The Seattle Art Institute’s current collection of more than 100,000 paintings is one example.

Cinesha Wilson, the director of the Seattle Museum of Art, says the new gallery is a place for people to learn about Seattle’s rich history.

“The new museum is a perfect place for the Seattle art community to meet and engage in art education, Condon adds.

The Seattle art museum will open its doors to the public in October, and the Seattle Cultural Center is currently looking to buy the building to make room for the new facility.