Depression is the new art!

Redd has released a series of artworks that portray depression in a positive light.

The artworks are designed by Redd user /u/The_Treaty_of_Netherlands, who explains that “depression is something that happens when you are not feeling well and have been for a long time.

Depressed people are also those who struggle with anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

They feel like there is no hope.””

Depression is the most important issue of our time and one that needs to be addressed in all facets of society, especially in the arts,” Redd adds.

The artist is also looking to engage in dialogue with the public through a series titled “Depression art contest.”

The idea is that users who submit artworks will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

While Redd does not have an official release date for the series, Redd said it will likely be in late spring.

The creator of the series has also launched a Reddit community called “DepressedArtists” which has over 200 members.

It was originally designed to promote artworks and to promote the importance of depression in society.

Redd explained that he wanted the community to become more welcoming and welcoming to artists, and to bring awareness to the issues faced by artists, as well as to raise awareness about depression and suicide.