How to design an art wall

I was looking for some art to decorate my bedroom wall, so I made a simple, geometric design.

I drew a line down the middle and used a sharp knife to cut the shape out of wood.

It’s the perfect size to be an art piece, I thought.

It was perfect for a wall piece, because I wanted to make it unique.

I added a piece of fabric that would be made from scrap fabric and I used a few staples to secure it in place.

I painted the line with a black marker, then I cut it with a sharp blade to create the geometric shape.

I put a piece on top of it and decorated with a few pieces of fabric, including a picture of my dog.

I think it’s a pretty simple project, but I loved how easy it was to decorating a room with my art.

I hope it helps you too!

For more information, visit the Art Wall website.