How to paint butterflies with butterfly art

How to get your butterfly art into the hands of a butterfly enthusiast is one of the great joys of life. 

I love painting butterflies and have been doing it for decades now. 

Butterfly painting is a challenging art, not to mention an art that requires a lot of patience and skill.

The butterfly has to be a bit delicate and delicate is what it takes to paint a butterfly with the right technique.

Here are some tips to help you get started painting butterflies.1.

Paint a single piece of butterfly art to see if it suits you2.

Make a note of the type of butterfly you are looking at and its location3.

Look at the butterfly’s silhouette.

If it’s not a straight line, then you need to add some detail to it4.

Start painting with the brush that you are most comfortable with.

If you want to paint more intricate details, you will have to start using the brush you are already familiar with.

If you like to make a painting that’s more abstract, it’s easier to paint it with a larger brush.

I love using a brush that is 6mm or bigger.

A smaller brush will give me more control over the painting.

The butterfly in the first picture above is from the artist’s personal collection, the butterfly that was chosen for the art of the painting in the third picture above.

It’s a single butterfly, painted by the artist himself.

If your butterfly is not a one-to-one match for the painting, you can add some details.

The artist’s butterfly was created by the painter himself.

I have used a different brush for each of the paintings in this post, so it’s important that you understand the differences between them.

For this painting, the brush used is the same brush used for the paintings above, but this time, the colours were slightly changed.

The painting above uses red and orange to give the butterfly a darker colour.

The colours are different for each butterfly, but you can use the same colours.

I like to use a brush like this for butterflies because it gives me more freedom of colour choice, which allows me to paint in more different ways.

For more tips on painting butterflies, read on.