How to write a good post-apocalyptic essay

I’ve always liked post-Apocalyptic art, especially if you’re a post-industrialist.

But, as a graduate student, I was struck by the sheer scale of the devastation of a post apocalyptic society, and it struck me that, in the absence of any coherent plan of action, this kind of art would be lost to the world.

So I started thinking about how art might function if we had a plan of how to make art.

I’ve spent my entire life immersed in art, but I’ve never thought much about art’s ability to help us live.

This essay is based on a discussion I had with a friend who has written about post-mortem art in his recent book, The Post-mortem Art of Death.

He and I both love the idea of a plan for post-hoc art, and I think it’s really interesting.

I’m also going to take a slightly different approach to this essay than most of the others in this essay.

I’ll start by thinking about a little bit of art history, and then I’ll discuss the process of making art from scratch.