Why ‘Art Fleming’ is an exciting new art form

We’ve all heard of ‘ArtFleming’ (a term coined by the creator of the art show Zentangle, ArtFleming), but now we can see it in action.

Zentangle’s ArtFlement is the result of an online competition hosted by the UK’s leading art and design site Zentagens.

The winning entries are then submitted to a selection of UK and international galleries and art galleries who will then vote on which one they would like to see featured on their website.

This year, Zentags is looking to tap into a different type of art community: a vibrant art community with a focus on a specific artistic subject.

Zentangens founder, Adam, says: “It’s a huge opportunity to work with the best art-world artists in the world and to give back to the community by sharing their work.”

Our goal is to bring together the best of the best, in a space where everyone is given the opportunity to express themselves and to collaborate.””

The more we work together, the better off the world will be,” Adam says.

It’s going to be about collaboration and the sharing of ideas.” “

It has the potential to change the way people think about art,” Adam explains.

“It’s going to be about collaboration and the sharing of ideas.”

Zentalgs is now looking to fund its ArtFlemings project by offering a £50,000 prize to the first and second place winners.

The winner will receive a pair of Zetboxes, and Zentagiens will use a portion of the money from the ArtFlements prize to provide them with artwork and a studio space for their work to be completed.

Zetbox also recently unveiled a range with the aim of “creating a new art style, combining the traditional art of old with the modern aesthetic of new technology”.

In addition to the Art Flements, Zetboxing will also be featuring a variety of other exciting projects, such as “art gallery and gallery space for artists and creatives”, “gallery spaces and artworks for students and artists”, and “a digital gallery space to promote creative works.”

Zentagnes Art Flemings is also looking to expand the concept of the Artflements competition to include a wider range of projects.

“We want to encourage more creative projects from around the world, and showcase new artists and emerging artists,” Adam adds.

“If you’re interested in a project, we can’t wait to see what you can come up with!”