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If you are looking for a piece of art to put on your wall, you may want to avoid the #pinkwashing hashtag, which has gained traction after its use in the Trump campaign.

The phrase was used to describe the image of the president as a pink wash of paint over his face, but it quickly took off after it was used by some in the alt-right and left-wing communities.

But in an interview with The Verge, Redditor Pixel Art maker, B.A.T.O., revealed that he created the image by blending several photos of Trump with his favorite images of celebrities and celebrities’ pets, such as an elephant, a dog, and a lion.

Pixel Art makes use of photoshop software to create the images, but B. a. t.o. also says the process of making the artwork is “a lot like making your own art.”

When asked how he did it, he explained that he was inspired by the color of the paint, as well as how it would look when blended with other images.

Pixel art, B-A-T.o.’s name for his work, was created to “express my emotions and express my innermost thoughts,” B. A. t., told The Verge.

“So it’s really just a simple artistic process.”

B. an. t.’s art, which was uploaded to Reddit in February, has been viewed over 12,000 times.

The artist told The Guardian that the purpose of the tweet was to make people think of the value in art.

“I’m using [a] hashtag like #pinkywashing to draw attention to the way in which we as humans have an innate ability to manipulate color and shape in order to communicate meaning,” B- a. ta. told The Atlantic.

“The beauty of it is that it is both subtle and it’s not going to be noticed by anyone, which is exactly what I want.”

In a follow-up interview with Vox, B A. ta.’s mother, who works as a social media strategist, said she has seen her son’s work on Instagram get over 300,000 views in a week.

PixelArt, like many other artists, has struggled with social media backlash.

In December, Reddit user The_Donald posted a meme featuring a woman with a pink vagina and the word “pinkwash” written on it, calling the artist a “feminist troll.”

The comment, which drew more than 1,300 comments, sparked the ire of some Reddit users, who called out the post for inciting violence.

Some called for the artist to be banned from the site, while others pointed out that the term pinkwash is a derogatory term that was used during the Trump administration.

Pixel Artist B. Ta. ta., who is a feminist troll, has had a ton of people calling her a feminist.

pic.twitter.com/9LmN9e0KtH — The_donald (@The_Donald) February 25, 2021 B- A-T.-O has defended his work on Reddit, saying he did not intend to “call women ugly.”

He also said he had no intention of “being a feminist.”

“I am not a feminist,” he said.

“No, I don’t think that’s the term that I’m using, and I definitely don’t mean to be.”

B-T-A.-O told Vox that he did try to “solve the problem” by writing a series of short pieces on his work to “raise awareness” about how artists can use the term to communicate their feelings.

In one post, he wrote that the “pinkywash” term “is not something that has been popularized by the alt right.”

Pixel Art is an art form that uses photoshop to create digital works of art.

The work can be done in any medium, from photographs to vector art to digital art, and all are meant to evoke emotions.


ta said he was able to make the work while working from home because of his wife, who helps him with other family responsibilities.

He said that while he would like to continue to make art, it was difficult because of the social media outcry.

“You have to be extremely careful about your personal and professional relationships with people,” he told Vox.

“If you can’t be careful with that, you’re not going out there on a consistent basis.”

B A T.-A.-I told The Daily Dot that he would never do a work like this again.

He also admitted that he is not a fan of the alt left.

“My views on the alt leftist left are more extreme than the alt liberal left, but I don´t think that they should have their voice heard at all,” he wrote.

Pixel Artists B. T.- A.-T.

told Vox he also believes that “there are people who should be able to say whatever they want,