When is a Picasso?

From the start, the greats have been working with a brush.

Picasso, born in 1889 in Paris, was an artist who developed a reputation as a painter.

He began painting when he was just 15 years old and was hailed as a “brilliant and brilliant” pupil.

The young artist went on to have a long career, winning several prizes for his work.

His career spanned three decades and included works on architecture, architecture and architecture and landscape.

He also created works on oil painting and on landscape painting.

His greatest success was the painting of the Mona Lisa.

It was his first masterpiece.

A portrait of the famed nude, his first painting, is often considered the first serious depiction of nude beauty.

Picassos works on the Monza and the Carousel of Paris were not his first works of art.

In 1911, he was commissioned by the Austrian government to paint the city of Milan, which was to become the headquarters of the Nazi party.

The work was completed in 1913 and became a landmark in the history of art in Italy.

He died in 1933, after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.