Why the art on the wall is not so black and white: ‘Metal Wall Art’

The art in your living room isn’t as white and black as you might expect.

A new trend that has caught the eye of some of the tech community, artists have started using their walls as an artistic canvas to show off their work.

Here’s what we know so far:1.

The metal wall art trend is on the rise2.

It’s a trend that’s only been around for a few months3.

It involves using the metal wall to draw on a canvas4.

This metal wall is painted on your home wall5.

If you’re looking for an artistic space, this is it6.

The trend is not limited to just your living space7.

If your home has metal walls, this might be your place for a quick paintjob8.

You might want to check your wall out for more unique designs9.

If it’s not your home, this could be a great opportunity to decorate10.

Check out our gallery of all the metal walls in the world to see what you can make with it.

Source: Mashable