Which artist has the best line-up in music?

The Globe and Mail’s music department is rolling out a series of reports highlighting the most unique artists, bands and artists who have had the best or most memorable live performances.

In this case, that’s a duo of artists from Toronto and Montreal.

Their performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival, called, aptly enough, “Jazz in a Bottle,” was highlighted on the first report, which was released today.

In that performance, a young musician from Toronto was able to transform his style into something more musical.

“He was able, with the right band, the right instrument and the right audience, to make the kind of thing that the music industry is still trying to figure out,” said David Wootton, a music industry consultant who wrote the report.

It’s a good story for both of these artists. “

I think it’s really interesting to look at how this young musician was able just to be himself in his music, and then he’s able to take that music and make something that you can’t really describe.”

It’s a good story for both of these artists.

“We all have a story to tell and a story that we want to tell,” said James T. O’Brien, who was in the audience for the performance and is a member of the Montreal Music Festival.

“It’s really cool to see someone doing something that we all aspire to do and really, really, it’s cool to hear that the guy has the guts to do it.”

For the Montreal artists, their story is a bit more complex than just finding a new song for the evening.

They had to go out into the crowd to get their music to play.

“This was not a show.

This was a performance, and it was meant to be,” said the Toronto performer.

“They were all trying to find their own place in the music world.

And it’s a real honor to be able to do that.

But we did it.”