What you need to know about Seattle’s nail art museum

The Seattle Art Museum is known for the quirky and beautiful art that it creates for its public.

It also has a new nail art exhibit.

This week, Seattle’s Nail Art Museum opened a new exhibit titled “Tales from the Nail”.

The exhibition will be open from May 11 through August 12, and is an extension of a partnership between the museum and a local community that creates nail art and other art pieces.

It is a collaboration between the Seattle Nail Artists and a group of community members.

In the exhibit, you can see works created by local artists, some of whom have been involved in local nail art since the 1980s.

The exhibit is a collection of nail art that was created by a group from Seattle’s Southeast and Northwest neighborhoods.

There are two pieces, “Gravity” and “The Night Watchman”, and a “Cancer” nail art piece.

You can see a few more pieces in the exhibit when the exhibit is complete in October.

For now, the museum is showing some of its nail art, which was made by a local artist.

The show includes “Glimpses of the World” from 1997, “Polaroid Eye” from 2012, “Nail Painting: The Nail Shop” from 2015, and “Lily and the Rose” from 2017.

Here’s the video from the museum, which you can watch below.

This story originally appeared on The Seattle Times and was republished with permission.