When is rock art art?

A recent thread on /r/”I think I have an answer to this,” asked /u/baldur_of_berlin.

“Rock art is a thing, it’s a genre, it has a name and it has rules,” he said.

The first rule of rock art, according to Baldur, is that it is art that is not supposed to be seen by the general public.

If you’re not going to let people see your art, then it’s not art, he explained.

It is important to remember that art is not just for the public, he said, it is a form of expression that is a part of our human nature.

A gallery may show a lot of art that may not be very sexy or sexy enough to be erotic, but the artist is still there.

Art is not the same thing as porn, and the artist may not necessarily agree with the porn industry, Baldur said.

But they are still art nonetheless, he added.

Asking the question of whether a painting is art or not, Baldor said, is an important question that can only be answered by people who have a good understanding of art and sexuality.

In this particular case, the answer is clear: the answer depends on the person.

“The question of the art’s meaning and the sexual meanings of it is the question,” he wrote.

Somebody who is a rock artist is going to interpret that meaning, Baldurt said.

If you’re talking about erotic art it may be a lot more explicit than pornography, and it may involve sexual acts, but it is still art, regardless of what you might call it.

You’re probably thinking: That’s a weird answer.

I mean, how can this be art?

Baldur explained that a rock or pop artist’s art may be about what people think is sexy or beautiful, but there are limits to what it can actually be.

There is no such thing as a sexual object in rock art.

That means that rock art is art about sex, Baldust said.

That said, Baldu said that some people may be surprised to find out that there are many, many different kinds of rock or rock art out there.

He pointed out that the term “rock art” refers to an abstract artistic style, while “pop art” is used for more concrete pieces of art, such as paintings.

I think it is very difficult to say whether rock art or pop art is the right term for rock art because it is so broad and includes so many different types of art.

People have different definitions for the word, Baldury said.

You can get into a lot deeper discussions about whether rock or hip-hop is the art of the moment.

Pop art is basically pop music and pop culture, and that is what it is, and I think it will continue to be, said Baldur.

That’s probably why you have this pop culture thing happening.

There is a lot about pop art, and there are also a lot that are really specific to rock art in the same way that a lot is about sex.

But there is a whole lot more that goes into making pop art.

Pop art, Baldurd said, has a certain appeal that is hard to deny.

It’s a very specific kind of art; it has an emotional appeal.

But the appeal comes from something that is real.

When you’re looking at a picture of a woman and a man, that is how we understand the person and the image, Baldi said.

There’s a sexual connection to the image.

It may be the guy’s penis, the girl’s face, the way the woman’s hands are moving, and maybe even the way she’s leaning in toward the man, and she’s having fun.

It is the sexualization of the image and the eroticization of sex.

Pop and rock art are two different types, Baldir said.

It could be one that you have a lot to do with, like, the painting, the graffiti, the spray paint, or whatever it is.

It might be something more general like a sculpture or a painting.

And then there’s another one, the real art, the stuff that really doesn’t have any sexual connection or any sexual meaning, but just shows a great sense of emotion and of being in love.

People are looking for something that really feels like rock art but it doesn’t really have a sexual meaning or a sexual image.

That’s why rock art has such an appeal, Baldurs response to the question.

This is the first time that I’ve heard a person respond with that response, Balduri said.

People really like rock, and they think that it’s cool, and some people think it’s beautiful.

And so, the thing is, there are a lot people who think that rock and pop art are the same, and so they can’t have a conversation