Clinton Art Museum in Peru will be the first museum to be entirely digital

The Clinton Art Institute (CAA) in Peru has secured a contract to launch a digital museum.

The museum will be open from September 1 to September 24, 2018, with a collection that will be digitized.

It will be located in the capital city of Lima, and will include artworks and objects created by the Clinton Foundation, a Clinton Foundation donor, as well as works from other Clinton Foundation donors.

The project is part of CAA’s new $10 million commitment to digital art, said CAA President, Dr. Michael Gansberg.

The digital museum will feature an archive of Clinton Foundation artworks that are no longer available online, and a curated gallery showcasing works created by CAA and other Clinton artists.

Gansberg said the digital museum is a continuation of CADA’s vision to build an art museum that is both accessible and affordable for the whole community.

“We’re not just trying to build a museum for the art community,” he said.

“We want to create a museum that will provide a platform for art and culture for the entire community.

We’re not trying to sell art or give out artworks.

We want to build something that the community can access and participate in.

The Clinton Art Center is located in Lima’s Art Center neighborhood, and is a major cultural hub for the country.